You're There - Jeremy Gaynor


Jeremy became a contestant for the #1 hit reality TV show, NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Season 8. His powerful cover of the soul song “Superstar” inspired a 4-chair turn from the coaches, and secured his position on Team Christina. The single peaked at #20 on the iTunes R&B/Soul Charts. The performance can be downloaded on iTunes today:


It’s hard to find someone who is as likeable as Jeremy Gaynor. The handsome vocalist is in the army, has an adorable growing family with a pregnant wife and is the male lead vocalist for the West Point band. Just try to dislike him: It’s impossible. Jeremy sings “Superstar” by The Carpenters, and earns a four-chair turn with his beautiful voice.


With the rediscovering of himself as an artist, Jeremy’s ready for the next chapter. His time on ‘The Voice’ has launched a new era of music; a solo career where the impact has already begun to show itself throughout the World.
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Welcome to the world of Jeremy Gaynor Music!